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How To Troubleshooting Cisco 3750 Switches
Aug 08 , 2022 1005

As an innovative product, the Cisco 3750 switch plays an important role in many places. It is positioned at the enterprise switch and has excellent performance in terms of performance parameters and function settings. We may encounter some problems during the actual use. The following is about how to troubleshoot the Cisco 3750 series switches.


The steps to troubleshoot the configuration are as follows:

1. If the device cannot be connected within the same VLAN, you should check the VLAN assignments of the source and destination ports by issuing the show port mod/port command CatOS and show interface status commands to determine that they are in the same VLAN.

If they are not on the same switch, issue the show trunk command for CatOS and the show interfaces trunk command for Cisco IOS software to ensure that the trunk configuration is correct and the native VLAN matches at both ends. Make sure the subnet mask ratio is between the source and destination devices.

2. If you are unable to ping the device in different VLANs, make sure you can ping each other's default gateway (see step 1 above). Also, determine that the device's default gateway points to the correct VLAN interface IP address and that the subnet masks match.

3. If you are able to reach the Internet, issue the show interface id and show ip route commands to ensure that the default path on the 3750 points to the correct IP address and that the subnet address matches the Internet gateway router. Remember that Internet gateway routers have routes to the Internet and internal networks.

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