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How to Reset the Cisco 3750 Switch Forgot Your Password?
Aug 17 , 2022 2959

It is common for the switch to forget the password. It is important to forget the password. It is important to forget how to reset it. Here is how to reset the password for the Cisco 3750 switch.


1.Enable HyperTerminal and display the connection interface

2.unplug the power of the switch

3.Press the Mode button on the switch, and at the same time, plug in the power cord of the switch.

4.When the sys light on the left side of the switch will slowly flash, (if you are careful, you will find that some of the lights flash red), hold down the mode button until the sys light does not flash (normally lit). Otherwise, if you release the button in advance Will directly enter the normal startup, must jump back to step 2 to re-operate

5.you can release the Mode button

After that, the system will display some instructions:

The system has been interrupted prior to initializing the flash file system.

Commands will initialize the flash file system, and finish loading the operating system software:

Flash_init //Initialize the flash file system

Load_helper / / load the help file

Boot //Start the device to enter normal mode

Perform the following steps:


Switch: flash_init

Switch: dir flash: / / View the file name of Flash can be used to confirm the file name is config.text

Switch:rename flash:config.text flash:config.text.old //Rename the configuration file, of course you can not change to config.text.old, as long as the file name is different from the original one.

Switch:boot //Manually start the switch

Since the configuration file has been changed, the switch can't find the default config.text and the configured dialog wizard appears. Select n and then press Enter and we will bypass the original password and enter:


Switch>en // can enter privileged mode

Switch#rename flash:config.text.old flash:config.text //Restore the switch configuration file

Switch#copy flash:config.text system:running-config //Save the configuration to DRAM

Switch#config t

Switch(config)#no enable password //Delete privileged mode old password

Switch(config)#no enable secret //Delete encrypted password


Switch#copy run start //Write the currently configured file back to Flash

Modifying the password in this way does not clear the contents of the original configuration file.

In particular, a switch that is already running in a large, off-the-shelf network is safer!

The above is about the Cisco 3750 switch forgot password reset method, if you have any questions, please consult our online customer service for other needs.

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