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Introduction to The Hardware Structure and Startup Process of Cisco Switches
Aug 17 , 2022 708


First, the hardware structure of the Cisco switch

  1. computing system ---- CPU

  2. power system

  3. interface system

  4. storage system

Flash: Hard drive, store iOS and configuration commands

RAM: memory

ROM: read only memory


1ROM function: boot system, password recovery, system recovery or upgrade

Composition: bootstrap program: bootloader, used to boot the operating system

Switch program: used for password recovery and system upgrade

POST program: used to implement power-on self-test

Second, the introduction of the startup process of the Cisco switch

  1. power-on self-test POST

  2. load and run bootstrap from the ROM to start the microcode

  3. looking for IOS image files (flash)

  4. loading IOS image file (RAM)

  5. looking for a configuration file (NVRAM)

  6. load the configuration file (RAM)

  7. normal operation

The hardware structure of the Cisco switch and the startup process of the switch are introduced here. If you have other needs, please consult our online customer service.

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