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What Is The Switch and How To Config It?
Aug 16 , 2022 812

As we all know, the Internet has been perfectly integrated with our life, so we can't leave the switch now, without it we can't use many of the features on the Internet. As long as there is a switch, any two network nodes can exchange information. It is with the switch that we have such a rich Internet life.


What is the switch?

A switch, as its name suggests, refers to a switch that provides shared services to any two network nodes that access the switch.

The exchange is based on the need to transmit information at both ends of the communication, and the method of using manual equipment to transmit the information to be transmitted to the corresponding route. This is the concept of the switch.

Today, switches are more oriented to application requirements, and the extensive use of broadband has greatly increased the demand for switches.


Cisco Switch Configuration Tutorial

Firstly, you need to use the computer super terminal to establish a connection with the switch.  There is a port on the network management switch. Connect to the switch through this port.

Secondly, follow the steps to open the HyperTerminal and click to establish the connection. Then a dialog box will pop up and enter your name. After clicking OK, a window will pop up. At this time, you choose to use com1 as the connection.

The third, After confirming, the switch will be started. At this time, the switch starts to load IOS. You can see the model and memory data of the switch.

The last, you have to learn some of the primary commands of the switch. We should know that there are two configuration interfaces.  There are three base modes  on the switch, namely user mode, privileged mode, and global mode.  When we first enter the switch, we are in user mode. In user mode, we can query the switch configuration and some simple test commands.  For a default unconfigured switch, we must set some naming, password and remote connection. For better maintenance. 

The price of the Cisco switch

The price of the switch is generally more expensive. The approximate price of the Cisco switches in the market is about $5000.  Although the price is relatively expensive, its performance is relatively good, and the processing data is relatively fast. It is rarely comparable to the performance of Cisco switches on the market, and at a price comparable to them.

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