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What Are The Functions of Network Switches?
Aug 17 , 2022 777

The main functions of the switch include physical addressing, network topology, error checking, frame sequence, and flow control. At present, the switch also has some new features, such as support for VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network), support for link aggregation, and even some have firewall functions.

In the practical application of the switch, what do we generally use to do with it?

1. Connect to the same type of network

The rapid development of network interconnection has led to the emergence of network switching technology, and network switches have emerged. A generalized switch is a device that performs information exchange functions in a communication system.

When the network scale is expanded, it has become unrealistic to simply extend the network cable. And for different LANs, to achieve data transfer between each other, sharing network resources, you need to have a dedicated connection device to achieve network expansion. At the same time, the increase of sites in the network, the expansion of geographical scope, and the growth of business volume have prompted the rapid development of network interconnection.


2. Interconnect different types of networks

In addition to being able to connect to the same type of network, switches can also interconnect between different types of networks, such as Ethernet and Fast Ethernet. Many switches today offer high-speed ports that support Fast Ethernet or FDDI to connect to other switches in the network or to provide additional bandwidth for critical servers with large bandwidth.

3. Provide fast network services

Sometimes in order to provide faster access, we can connect some important network computers directly to the ports of the switch. In this way, the network's key servers and important users have faster access speeds and support greater traffic.


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