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FAQ about Cisco 9200 Series Switches
Feb 01 , 2023 1884


Q: What are Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series Switches?

A: The Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series enterprise-class access switches extend the broader deployment of innovational functions of Catalyst 9000 hardware and software basing on intent networking. In contrast to the scale and multifunction of the Catalyst 9300 Series switches, the Catalyst 9200 Series switches focus on providing proper switches for simple branch office deployments. With its family pedigree, the Catalyst 9200 Series offers uncompromising simplicity and security. The switches also support full IEEE 802.3at PoE+ with replaceable network modules, redundant fans, power supplies and a variety of fixed and modular options for uplink modules.


Q: Can we stack Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series Switches with Cisco Catalyst 2960-X/XR series switches together? 

A: These switches CANNOT be stacked together. Since the features of these platforms are packaged differently, and they use different CPU architectures, and the platforms are scaled differently so that they cannot be stacked. 

Q: Is it possible to share network modules between Cisco Catalyst 9200 and 9300 series switches? 

A: Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switch Network Modules CANNOT be used on Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series Switches.


Q: Can Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series Switches act as wired switches

A: Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series switches provide connectivity for wired and wireless endpoints by connecting wireless access points. With SD-Access architecture, wired and wireless endpoints get the same experience.


Q: Which uplink modules are supported by the Cisco Catalyst 9200 series switches? 

A: Catalyst 9200 series switches support the following uplink options:

4 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet network modules

4 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet network modules


Q: Can I use both console ports on a Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series Switch at the same time? 

A: No. When you use a USB console, the RJ-45 console also receives the output of the USB console. The design allows administrators to see when the USB console port is being used. This feature is useful for remote administrators.

Q: Do Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series Switches support auto-baud rate on the console port? 

A: No.

Q: What feature sets are supported by Cisco Catalyst 9200 Switches?

A: Cisco Catalyst 9200 switches support the packaging of features into Essentials and Advantage software packages. Feature details in each package are listed in the datasheet. 


Q: Is there an onboard web GUI on the Cisco Catalyst 9200 series switch?

A: Yes.


Q: What is the purpose of the blue beacon LED on a Cisco Catalyst 9200 switch? 

A: The blue beacon LED is common in the Cisco Catalyst 9200 switch portfolio, which can simplify operation. It makes chassis identification easier when several of these switches are installed on racks. Remote administrators can blink lights to help local operators quickly locate the enclosure. The local operator presses the mode button to confirm.

Q: What is Cisco's wireless direction?

A: Cisco believes that SD-Access can be a better solution for wired or wireless networks. The solution enables the consistency of wired infrastructures in policy, segmentation, orchestration and automation. This new architecture, with its distributed data plane and centralized control plane architecture, provides the best experience for mobility, guest, IoT, multicast services and overall network performance.

Q: What is the SD-Access wireless feature?

A: Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches provide a complete solution for the campuses with Cisco AireOS controller Wi-Fi 6 and Wave 2 access points.


Q: What is Cisco's solution for 5 Gbps connectivity to endpoints? 

A: Cisco provides stackable Cisco Catalyst 9300 series switch models that support 10G, 5G, 2.5G, 1G and 100M interfaces. This dense solution will allow a single stack of 8 units to support up to 384 ports and connect by using StackWise-480, the industry's highest stack bandwidth. All ports also support Cisco UPOE+/UPOE, PoE + and PoE.

Q: How will the uplink speed in the campus evolve beyond 10G?

A: As downlink speeds increase, uplink speeds will surpass normal 10G speeds. A new speed is needed in the campus: 1. Use the same common duplex fiber in the cable plant. 2. It can support the distance of 300 to 350 meters in the park. 3. Use consistent optics and SFP, and they can be easily migrated together. As a result of these requirements, 25G Ethernet must become the preferred uplink speed for links from the access layer to the aggregation layer in the campus. Likewise, the link from the core layer to the aggregation or distribution layer of the network will evolve from 10G and 40G to 100G.

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