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Cisco Nexus 9500 Cloud-Scale Line Cards N9K-X9788TC-FX

Cisco Nexus 9500 Cloud-Scale Line Cards N9K-X9788TC-FX

Model:  N9K-X9788TC-FX

Detail:  1/10 Gigabit Ethernet BaseT Access-Layer and 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation-Layer Line Card

Condition: Used

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Tags: QSFP28 ≥48 port


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Product Condition

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Product Details

Product list
Product codeN9K-X9788TC-FX
Power cableNo
Product parameters
Product TypeExpansion Module
Ports type10-Gigabit Ethernet 
Connectivity Technology


Throughput1.76 Tbps

The Cisco Nexus 9500 platform supports a rich selection of hot-swappable multispeed cloud-scale line cards and fabric modules optimized for data-center deployments. These cloud-scale line cards and fabric modules, built using Cisco® cloud-scale ASICs, provide the ideal foundation for large scalable data centers. The Cisco clouds-scale ASICs provide enhanced performance and features that are required to meet the evolving needs of the world’s largest cloud-scale data centers. These ASICs not only support foundational L2/L3 networking capabilities but also support enhanced capabilities such as policy-based fabric architectures (ACI or VXLAN), smart buffering, integrated line rate security, and real-time streaming telemetry over multispeed Ethernet ports.

Physical specifications
Weight13.01 lbs


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Cisco Nexus 9500 Cloud-Scale Line Cards N9K-X9788TC-FX
Cisco Nexus 9500 Cloud-Scale Line Cards N9K-X9788TC-FX