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Model Number:
Catalyst 6500 Enhanced 9-slot chassis,14RU,no PS,no Fan Tray


WS-C6509-E Overview

Cisco introduces the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Enhanced Series Chassis (6500-E Series) delivering up to 2 terabits per second of system bandwidth capacity and 80 Gbps of per-slot bandwidth. In a system configured for VSS, this translates to a system capacity of 4 Tbps. The CiscoCatalyst 6500 Enhanced Series Chassis will be capable of delivering up to 180 Gbps of per-slot bandwidth with a system capacity of up to 4 terabits per second. A system configured for VSS will be capable of delivering up to 8 Tbps of system bandwidth.

Quick Specs

Table 1 shows the Quick Specs.

Product CodeWS-C6509-E
Supervisor engine slot2
Line-card slots7
Redundant power supplies2
Bandwidth80 Gbps of per-slot bandwidth
Rack Units (RU)14 RU
Weight30 kgs
Dimensions62.2 x 44.5 x 46.0 cm
AirflowChassis fan tray: Right to left
Power supply fan: Front to back