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Model Number:
WS-C4503-E Cisco 4500 Switch
Cat 4500 E-Series 3-Slot Chassis, fan, no ps


WS-C4503-E Overview

Cisco Catalyst 4503-E chassis offers 3 slots with Fan, one for supervisor engine slot, two for line-card slot with supporting up to 100 ports and up to 1500W POE power per slot. The solution provides centralized network architecture for enterprises-level, small and medium-size business through simplified operations. The highly intelligence performance offers non-blocking layer 2 – 4 switching with Secure, flexible communications. Any two Cisco Catalyst 4500E series Switches with Supervisor Engine 7L-E/7-E/8-E can be pooled together into a VSS, which doubles the system bandwidth, improves resiliency of the system and delivers the highest centralized reliable performance.

Quick Specs

Product CodeWS-C4503-E
Supervisor engine slotSlot 1
Line-card slots2
Redundant power supplies2
Backplane48 Gbps full duplex per slot (96 Gbps)
Dimensions (H x W x D)31.12 x 43.97 x 31.70 cm
Rack Units (RU)7 RU
Weight35 Kg
AirflowChassis fan tray: Right to left.Power supply fan: Front to back

Product Details

The front panel.

Redundant power supplies
Supervisor engine (slot 1)
Switching module (slots 2 and 3)
Fan tray assembly

Cisco Catalyst 4503-E Switch Features.

ChassisThree horizontal slots. Slots are numbered from 1 (top) to 3 (bottom).
Supervisor enginesSupports the following supervisor engines:Supervisor Engine 8-E,Supervisor Engine 7L-E,Supervisor Engine 7-E
ModulesSupports up to two Catalyst 4500 series modules.
Backplane48 Gbps full duplex per slot (96 Gbps)
Fan trayThe chassis supports one hot-swappable fan tray.
Power supplySupports one or two power supplies.All Catalyst 4500 series AC-input power supplies require single-phase source AC.

Compare to Similar Items

the comparison of WS-C4503-E and WS-C4506-E.

Supervisor engine slot11
Line-card slots25
Redundant power supplies22
Supervisor enginesSupervisor Engine 8-ESupervisor Engine 7L-ESupervisor Engine 7-ESupervisor Engine 8-ESupervisor Engine 7L-ESupervisor Engine 7-E
Backplane48 Gbps full duplex per slot (96 Gbps)48 Gbps full duplex per slot (240 Gbps)