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Why Choose Us?

Abundant inventory of network devices and accessories

Free consultancy for configuration, upgrading

Professional testing environment

Strict testing processes before shipment

Surface checking

  1. Clear dust on surface
  2. Check the paint on surface
  3. Check casesfor damage, dents, etc.
  4. Check whether there are PID and SN labels on surface
  5. Check functional components, like ports, slots, buttons, power supply, etc.

Inner Parts checking

Inner Parts checking
  1. Disassemble the case for internal inspection
  2. Check and clean dustof circuit board, check whether there are repair marks
  3. Check whether there are looseness of the internal board screws andLGPs
  4. Clean and check the interface card/power supply/fan module
  1. Check voltage of onboard battery could not less than 3V
  2. Finishinternal inspection and install the chassis.
  3. Shake device to ensure there are not any sound.

Equipment Testing

  1. Power on and connect devices to host tested machine by console cord
  2. Test fan modules and record the noise
  3. Test functions of panel buttons and indicators
  4. Reset default password and delete the internal configuration
  5. Clean up and release Flashmemory space
  6. Test interface card modules
  7. Test all data ports and observe blinking status of port lights
  8. POE ports test
  9. Flow pressure test
  10. Engine interface card redundancy test
  11. Device stacking test
  12. Power redundancy test
  13. Device stability test
  14. Run configurator to confirm compatibility of hardware between software
  15. Check firmware version and reset to factory default
  16. Check software version and reset to factory default
  17. Run system test to ensure no errors before shipment
  18. Record device serial number and save test results
Equipment Testing

Package and shipping


Check packing list with customers’ order to ensure accuracy


Customize packaging for all components and install foam board


Ship goods according to customer requirements (FedEx /UPS/TNT/DHL, etc.)


Notify customers of shipment tracking information by email


Create a feedback survey