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Model Number:
CISCO3945/K9 Cisco 3945 Router 3900 Series ISR G2
 Cisco 3945 Router w/SPE150(3GE,4EHWIC,4DSP,4SM,256MBCF,1GBDRAM,IPB)


CISCO3945/K9 Overview

The Cisco 3945 router, modular Services Performance Engine (SPE) 150, which can be upgraded for even higher performance as next-generation WAN environments evolve.

Quick Specs

Specifications of Cisco 3945E, 3925E, 3945, and 3925 Integrated Services Routers

Services and Slot DensityCisco 3945ECisco 3925ECisco 3945Cisco 3925
Embedded hardware-based cryptography acceleration (IPSec + Secure Sockets Layer [SSL])YesYesYesYes
Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express Sessions450400350250
Cisco Unified SRST sessions150013501200730
Total onboard WAN or LAN 10/100/1000 ports4433
RJ-45-based ports4433
SFP-based ports2222
Service-module slots4242
Doublewide service-module slots1111
EHWIC slots3344
Doublewide EHWIC slots1122
ISM slots0011
Online insertion and removal (OIR)Services modulesServices modulesServices modulesServices modules